VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Complementary Therapies- Shout Out Saturday.

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This week here are 3 more ladies from our VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Complementary Therapies, all currently studying their first unit of this course Reflexology.

Stacey Copper

Stacey for the past 9 years Stacey’s main focus has been on her family, she has 2 children an 11-year-old son and a nine year old daughter. Although Stacey has worked part time as well as running her own dog walking company she hasn’t until now had a real career goal but now feels the time is right to train in a career, she is passionate about.

Stacey chose to enrol on the Level diploma in 3 Complementary Therapy Course because these are treatments she has used for herself and is fascinated by how these can work alongside conventional medicine. During both her pregnancies Stacey used reflexology and used massage regularly and found both treatments were really beneficial and helped. As a result of this Stacey started exploring complementary therapy training so she would be able to provide that benefit to other people.

Stacey is only a few weeks into her training but is already so excited about what the future has to offer and enjoying being able to practice the skills she is learning on friends and family on her new massage table.

On completion of this course Stacey hopes to work in a hospice to help people manage their symptoms of life limiting conditions.

Melissa Hornby

Melissa Hornby is a very busy mum to six children and still manages to work part time and study for her Level 3 Diploma in Complementary therapies!

Super woman Michelle currently works part time as an optical assistant for spec savers. Her. Michelle has always had an interest in Complementary therapies but with such busy family life has not had the opportunity to study before. When the youngest daughter has just started school in September Michelle decided this was now her time to retrain in her new chosen career.

Her goal is to be able to work for herself by setting up a business at home giving her more flexibility with work hours and a better work life balance, doing a job she loves.

Michelle Crouch

Another busy mum to 5 Children. Michelle has a passion for all holistic therapies and prefers a natural holistic approach to raising her family.

Michelle is already qualified as a nutritional therapist and so adding the full level 3 diploma in seemed a natural progression.

Alongside currently homeschooling her own children Michelle runs a small business selling natural tie-dyed clothing and accessories.

On completion of her complementary therapy course, Michelle intends to expand her existing business being able to add massage, reflexology and Aromatherapy treatments on the menu for her clients. This will fit with her current lifestyle ensuring she can work from home and be flexible with her working hours.

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