Update on how Lockdown 2 is Affecting us as an Educational Establishment.

We have had a lot of information from our exam board VTCT and they have made us aware of what we can and can’t do in line with Government guidelines, Public Health England and local government restrictions for each area.

We are a private college offering Nationally recognised and Ofqual regulated qualifications so can remain open within certain perameters.

There is much heresay and miss information around at the moment with who can and cant do what. Plenty of people trying to find a loophole in the system.

We must remember though we have a month long circuit breaker for a reason. As a country we need to get on top of this pandemic so we can all return to a more normal way of life by the spring with as few casualties as possible. Every death is a huge tragedy to the family concerned and none of us want to lose a loved one.

We have of course carefully considered all the options and the safest way forward for us, our staff and our students. Safety is our priority.

We have also consulted our local authority, insurance and had discussions with our students currently studying with us.

With all this information we then made a carefully considered decision on which courses could run, should run and also those which would take priority.

Final assessments and tests are a priority for us, the students concerned and indicated to be completed by VTCT.

We have emailed all students with their new timetable and a plan of action for November.

Our ABT accredited workshops have been postponed and new dates given to all students booked for November.

We will be updating the website shortly with new course dates for any courses affected.

New course bookings for December onwards are as normal.

All students currently studying with us are required to do a nationally recognised VTCT online course in Covid-19 and then come on to us to sit the online test for this.

We have everything covered and should be able to return to a more normal timetable in December.

We will not for the time being however, be using outside clients for our students. They must work within their own educational bubble or on someone they are in lockdown with.

We will keep everyone updated and informed of all and every change that we need to make.

We will get through this and need to do so in the safest way possible.

For those salon owners and therapists back off work after only being open a couple of months our hearts go out to you. You will be back in December and all your clients will be eager to get their treatments booked back in for Christmas.

Our wish is you all stay safe and healthy.

Debbie, Jenny and Amy x