Update from Debbie

Hi Folks, most of you will know me, I’m Debbie Allen one half of the Allen and Walden duo. I run this company with my partner in crime Jenny Walden 😁

Just thought I’d update you all with what we are up to as a company during the Covid-19 lockdown. Obviously we can no longer have students in college at the moment for face to face courses but that won’t stop us being productive.

Luckily for us we are still keeping really busy with students on existing courses, keeping them on target with their course theory work and continuing to support them individually via various online methods to suit the students needs.

We are also developing and updating new courses and continuing to take new bookings for our summer courses. Anyone booking during lockdown get the added bonus of 💥20% off their course plus 💥free bonus theory packs to kick of their studies before attending in person. 😁

We have been asked the question can we do purely online courses?

Many training centres are offering cut price training for their online only courses in various treatments.
Well we won’t be offering the very practical and highly skilled techniques needed for both Beauty Therapy or complementary therapies as online only for very valid reasons-

⭐ Firstly I am a very experienced therapist, this is my 40th year in this industry (I started my career in 1980 training on a 3 year course at Thanet Technical College) I have a vast knowledge of this industry, know how it works and what employers expect from their therapists.

⭐ My many years of experience have taught me that hands on practise for therapy training is the key to everything.

⭐ To perfect a treatment it is far better to have a tutor there beside you, to guide, encourage and correct where necessary. Just showing before and after results doesn’t show full treatment and certainly won’t help you when you hit a problem.

⭐ We offer nationally recognised qualifications which all have strict criteria and guided learning hours. We will continue to stick to and maintain the high standards that have earnt our good name in this industry making us an outstanding training provider.

⭐ Our students are sought after in industry, gain employment in top salons, hotels and spas. So we won’t cut corners with our training and ruin our impeccable reputation.

⭐ We do produce excellent training manuals for our students and easy to follow assignments and home study packs. This allows elements of practical units to be carried out at home by our students.

⭐ Practical work is carried out at our centre with plenty of one to one tutor support. (And will resume as soon as safe to do so)

We are really busy each day, keeping in touch with our students, marking work and answering new enquiries via email.
We are also taking this opportunity to upgrade some of the material we use for our courses.

The Allen and Walden team are busy being the scenes ensuring that all our students get the best and latest treatment techniques, products and equipment as it comes to market.

As I’m not going out and socialising during lockdown I have had the time at home to rediscover old hobbies. I’m using my passion and knowledge for Aromatherapy to experiment with product makeing. I’m also getting some DIY painting done in my house, cooking healthy meals and using my once a day allocated outside exercise time to take my dogs for long walks in the woods near where I live.

As yet I haven’t had time to get bored but I do miss my friends and family.

What I really miss too is that face to face contact with my students. The fun we have and the lively interaction we have with our students at college.

Hoping to see you all very soon
Debbie x