The truth about Microblading

There are two phrases related to microblading that we hear a lot at the moment, so it’s time to spread some truth.

1) ‘microblading is bad’

2) ‘why do you cost so much? I know someone half price’



Well, the second created the first!

Let’s think about this, it’s your face. Something like microblading and semi-permanent makeup takes a lot of knowledge and skill. Not something that can be learnt in a one or two-day pop-up course.

There is a huge amount to learn about health and safety, skin and first aid. There’s no way can this be taught in a limited amount of time.

Do your research:

  • Where did your technician train?
  • How long have they been qualified?
  • How many clients have they done?
  • Are their advertising pictures even their own?


Secondly, the dangerous part.

Yes, there are A LOT of bad technicians out there. A scary amount actually. New enforcements are luckily coming in to ensure everyone is properly qualified in this field. But do ask to see their certificates and council registration – without these they should not be carrying out treatments!

Are they using numbing agents? Topical numbing cream? Have they told you to get your own before coming in?

They should also hold a certificate in relevant training for this! Without this they ARE NOT efficiently trained in using it and should definitely not be using any during the treatment! This is the biggest factor for clients having a reaction. Again… it’s your face!


The reason good brows are not cheap is because we are doing this properly… we have spent thousands on training, have all the correct certificates, are able to use numbing agents, pay to have the relevant insurance and are registered with the council for treatments. We use high-end products and tools to ensure you get the best treatment and lasting results.

So next time you see cheap brows advertised ask yourself is it really worth it?

Perhaps coming away with small scars (easily done without correct training!), as if this happens good luck being able to get those corrected!

Bad shape after semi-permanent makeup? Did you know removal is a lot more painful?

So do your checks, ask to see the information from the technician, as the treatments themselves are not ‘dangerous’ at all (but the dodgy pop-up shop brow lady offering treatments for pence certainly is!).

Beautiful and lasting results are created by choosing the right brow technician.


Guest post courtesy of Fabulously Beautiful by Amy Allen.

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