Pregnancy Massage Course (ABT)

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Pregnancy Massage Course | Accredited Diploma Certificate Professional training course in Pregnancy Massage can help to alleviate many of the symptoms and conditions associated with pregnancy. During this amazing time of physical and emotional change, massage can be of enormous benefit to both the mother and baby. As a fully qualified massage therapist, you can massage pregnant ladies with medical permission this course will provide you with additional knowledge for you to specialise. Within our pregnancy massage course, you will be working in particular on the abdomen as well as the rest of the body – Arms/hands, legs/feet, whole back/shoulder, abdomen and face and scalp.

The Massage helps to prepare the body for the changes that occur during this special time and will help to promote a healthy, happy pregnancy, as well as labour and recovery period. During this course, you will learn a safe and effective pregnancy massage routine whilst understanding how pregnancy affects the mother’s body physically, mentally and emotionally. You will understand why certain positions are more comfortable and safer during pregnancy massage allowing you to be confident and proficient when massaging pregnant women in addition to increasing your client base. Furthermore we have devised our pregnancy massage course to incorporate the common ailments associated with pregnancy. These include leg cramping, lower back pain, oedema of the feet, ankles and lower legs, breathing problems and of course one of the most prevalent issues during all trimesters, nausea and morning sickness. The stimulating effects of the massage strokes help to increase circulation, which will increase the flow of nutrients delivered to the baby via the placenta. Massage aids the lymphatic system by stimulating the white cells of the immune system, encouraging the elimination of waste and toxins, which will help relieve oedema or swelling. Another benefit of receiving regular massage during pregnancy is that the mother can be more aware of her own body, with the increased ability to relax during the 1st stage of labour. This often results in shorter, easier and less painful births and a lower ratio of postnatal complications. Furthermore breast feeding is often more successful due to the increase of Prolactin and mammary development.


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Entry Requirements

Level 3 body Massage (check with us if you are not sure if your qualification is recognised as the course fee is non refundable)

Registration & Fees*

Course Fee £119 (Course fee due in full when booking)

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Thursday 11th January 2024 10-1pm





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Thurs 11th Jan 2024 10-1pm, Request another date

2 reviews for Pregnancy Massage Course (ABT)

  1. Tracy Hurkett

    Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Handouts were good. Glad I did this course to enhance my technique.

  2. Kate Willoughby

    Thanks Jenny for the pregnancy massage course I really enjoyed the training and am looking forward to putting into practice all I have learnt

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