June News

What very changeable weather we are having so far this month. As I am writing this it is tipping down outside, and we have a flood warning in place!!  For a therapist though, a wet summer can be a bonus and not a disaster. When the sun is shining people generally feel better and may prefer to go to the beach or a trip to the park rather than book a feel-good treatment like a massage or facial.

When it’s a dull day a bit of pampering can make all the difference and lift our spirits. To embrace summer, we have a developed a new Spa Ritual that incorporates starting with a body scrub to get the skin glowing and prepare for the ritualist massage with essential oils to follow. Not only will your clients feel wonderful afterwards, but their skin will be fully prepared for a holiday tan or it can perk up an old tan by sloughing off the dead dull skin cells to reveal healthy glowing skin below.

On the other hand, when the sun is shining and your clients have outdoor events to go to, holidays to prepare for then you will get booked up with waxing, lash lift and tint or semi-permanent eyelashes as these are waterproof and smudge proof in the heat and can last for weeks.

Bright shiny nails are also in demand all summer and we are lucky to have so much choice now with all the long-wearing gel polishes on the market. Adding nail art to your Gel polish with brighten up your client’s day and both hands and feet can be accessorised to match a bright summer outfit or add sparkle to your wedding nails.

Not wanting to spoil our summer mood, but it is a sad fact that one in two people in the UK will get cancer in their lifetime. Shocking fact! So, what can we do to help our Clients when faced with their cancer diagnosis and treatment?

Well for a start we can continue to give them some lovely pampering treatments to help with stress and for pain relief. Our Oncology course will not only ensure you have all the knowledge needed to be able to give your clients the best treatment for them but also means you are insured to work on clients during their treatment and beyond. Included in this workshop we already have the choice of massage and Reflexology depending on the therapist qualifications.

Now we have added facial massage and skin care to the list teaching you the different techniques and routines needed to treat skin that can be extremely sensitized due to chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Summer and heat can aggravate the skin of a person with cancer so treatments to soothe this are a real bonus.

This year one of our students from our Oncology course, Vicky Kerr was given a PRIDE IN MEDWAY award by the mayor to acknowledge the outstanding work she did for cancer patients in Medway. Well done Vicky

Many of our clients undergoing Chemotherapy will lose their hair. Wigs are so good these days and they can look so natural but losing eyebrows can change a person’s face. Not all women are confident about drawing their eyebrows back on and any form of microblading or Semi-permanent makeup is a contraindication during treatment.  Henna, however, is a safe method of creating eyebrows for your client and our course will teach you not only how to use henna but how to create the perfect eyebrow from scratch. You will also be able to teach your clients the right way to measure where their eyebrows should be and give them tips on how to fill in with makeup.

Many clients have sparse or no eyebrow hair for other reasons and Henna is a great first step to see how they like the look of new eyebrows before making the jump to having semi-permanent brows done. Of course, microblading or Semi-permanent makeup has remained very popular and is the ideal way to have fully waterproof/sweatproof brows for the summer and last 12-18 months.

Have a great Summer and keep coming up with new fresh ways to advertise and promote your business.