Aromatherapy Saturday Shout Out

The heartbreak of bereavement was a catalyst for these two lovely ladies to re-evaluate their lives. Both have a keen interest in training in Complementary therapies and had found them to be effective with their own health and that of their loved ones.

After deciding to enrol onto our Summer massage school to kick start their career in Complementary therapies. They were retraining in an entirely new career to enable them to help other people as well as improving their work-life balance. They completed their massage qualifications in August and are now onto the next phase of their training with us.

complementary therapyJulia Rowley

Julia lives in Gravesend and is now studying her VTCT Level 3 diploma in Aromatherapy with us. Having worked in the dental field for 20 years before working with her husband for 14 years as an Asbestos Surveyor.

Julia’s lovely husband sadly died, leaving Julia heartbroken and of course needing a new focus.

Julia enrolled in this course because it was something she had wanted always, but it was never the right time. After a chance with an Aromatherapist while on holiday in Kefalonia this year, Julia was encouraged to enrol in an Aromatherapy course when she returned home. She then started training in a subject she was passionate about. complementary therapy. 

Julia has recently started making reed diffusers for people and has a Facebook page called the lemon tree aromatherapy. Once qualified, Julia would ideally like to run a business from home. We look forward to seeing her business the Lemon tree develop.


Michelle CaseyComplementary Therapy

Michelle Casey is a mum of 4 (plus three dogs and three cats) from Maidstone. She is currently training in Complementary therapies with us, having already completed body massage is presently studying her VTCT Level 3 diploma in Aromatherapy.

Michelle’s background is in teaching. After qualifying as a language teacher in 2005, Michelle lived in Sicily as an English language teacher for two years before returning to teach in England and going on to become head of Department in a Kent Secondary school.

After the birth, her 4th Child, Michelle returned to teaching part-time.

Due to family illness and the tragic passing of her beloved dad, Michelle took a break from “the rat race” to focus on her family and loved ones. She was using the time to reassessment, focusing on career and family needs. Her dad was, and still is a great inspiration to her. He had a great interest in Complementary therapies and their impact on health and wellbeing. He inspired Michelle to run two marathons and undertake hypnosis for birthing three children!!

Michelle’s aim now is to develop her career in the health and wellbeing industry and to eventually specialise in using complementary therapies, particularly with children and mental wellbeing in schools.

Michelle’s goal is to eventually expand her business to treat people who perhaps have life-limiting illnesses and will start by helping her mum, who has Parkinson’s disease and Lewy Bodies.

Michelle needs a flexible career to fit around her very full and busy family life.

We feel privileged to be able to follow the progress of Michelle.  To be part of her journey while she develops her Complementary business practice is very special.